Curious George

George. The new kitten has been named George. He does not purr. Curious George.


Another cat

Good news! I received word yesterday that I have passed the final paper of Year 2. Can now begin Year 3, before Christmas!

Day 21 of our search for somewhere to live – four declines to date. The bank said no to a mortgage for First Home and Welcome Home. The lady at WINZ has said that social housing is unlikely to be available before vacate day. I went walking yesterday to distribute the ‘wanted to rent, house for family with pets’ letterbox flyers. This morning I wrote a letter to MP Chester Borrows to ask if he would venture a suggestion as to what we should do if, when 22 December arrives, we have nowhere to live.

As I was leaving the house this morning Mr 21 asked if he could tell me something. Adding that I wasn’t going to like it. He emerged from the basement with a tiny little white and grey kitten. While he was out last night he came upon one of his friends. The friend was cycling around with a kitten in his bag.  He said his sister had asked him to take it somewhere. Mr 21 said he couldn’t let that happen, and so brought the kitten home. Another cat. I almost said we’d take it to the RSPCA.